segunda-feira, 13 de agosto de 2012

Scrap Decor - Fiskarettes and Challeng

Good morning girls!

Here is a beautiful day, the sun enters the house and it makes me very happy!
Love ... love butterflies!
When my stuff arrived Fiskars you guys can not imagine my happiness, many butterflies!
I made this for scrapdecor Fiskarettes, very simple and I really liked.
My daughter also loves butterflies and asked me to put on the door of the wardrobe.
I made a tutorial all to see click HERE and HERE  and do not forget to leave a little love there we all like to get a little love, that makes our happiest day!

Used in this project:
Template Forma ™ - Borboleta 2
ShapeCutter Mat ™ - 23x30cm - A4

ShapeCutter ™

I need to talk a little bit of ShapeCutter ... This tool is wonderful!
When I saw the video of how to use thought, can not be that simple but it is as simple as I am in love with this tool.We have many potential uses and who makes a lot of box or use a lot of templates this tool is perfect!

And for those who like to make cards, has the challenge in Fiskarettes, pass there is a great chance to win these wonderful prizes from Fiskars:

Roda Estampagem contínua ™
Continuous Stamping Wheel (5568),

Selo Contínua - Paisley

Selo Contínua - Borboletas
-              1 Continuous Stamp Paisley and 1 Butterflies (5706, et 5575) ,

Canto Lever soco M Vine Floral 
-              1 Corner Lever Punch –Floral Vine  (5478),

Fiskars Everywhere Soco Window System ™ - Frame 
-              1 Everywhere Window Punch (5567)

Have a nice day!

5 comentários:

Denise Price disse...

Your butterfly door decoration is beautiful. Nice idea to use an old earring for the pendant.

juscrap disse...

uma graça! Também amo borboletas! beijos

Julie Tucker-Wolek disse...

Wowwwwwwwwwwww!! This is GORGEOUS!! I loveeeeeeeeee the tassel!!

anna christensen crafts disse...

This is gorgeous Marilia, I popped over to the Fiskars site and left little comments too x I really love your blog!

Adriana - DRIARTE disse...

Uauuuu!!! Maravilhosa é pouco para descrever essa página, amei todos os detalhes e as dicas nem se fala... Parabéns Marilia!!!
Bjss e tudo de bom!