quinta-feira, 27 de junho de 2013


Hello girls!
I used a box of chocolate.
They are great for storing items and some really easy stacking.

How I Love My adorments metal one to leave them safe.
In a metal flowers and brown ink was spent in a brass tone so beautiful.
This whole glitter cardstock is so gorgeous.

Flower Add On - Ray Of Magic - June 2013

Cardstock Add On - Ray Of Magic - June 2013

Lifetime Paper Flowers Multi Pack

Lifetime Alpha Stickers

Chipboard Zarza Laser

6 comentários:

juscrap disse...

lindo isso amiga!!!

Raquel Cardoso disse...

Parabéns que lindooooo!!
Idéia ótima essa!!!


Fabíola disse...

Lindo migaaaaaa agora só no inglês kkkk BJS

Denise Price disse...

I love everything about this project--the design, the chocolatey colors, and the recycling!

Rose Marques do Blog Scrap la Vie disse...

Olá Marilia, que caixa maravilhosa!!
Quem imagina!!!

Tammy disse...

Love your Yummy creation Marilia!! Gorgeous work girly!