quinta-feira, 27 de junho de 2013


Hello girls!
I used a box of chocolate.
They are great for storing items and some really easy stacking.

How I Love My adorments metal one to leave them safe.
In a metal flowers and brown ink was spent in a brass tone so beautiful.
This whole glitter cardstock is so gorgeous.

Flower Add On - Ray Of Magic - June 2013

Cardstock Add On - Ray Of Magic - June 2013

Lifetime Paper Flowers Multi Pack

Lifetime Alpha Stickers

Chipboard Zarza Laser

6 comentários:

juscrap disse...

lindo isso amiga!!!

Raquel Cardoso disse...

Parabéns que lindooooo!!
Idéia ótima essa!!!


Fabíola disse...

Lindo migaaaaaa agora só no inglês kkkk BJS

Denise Price disse...

I love everything about this project--the design, the chocolatey colors, and the recycling!

RO MONTEIRO disse...

Olá Marilia, que caixa maravilhosa!!
Quem imagina!!!

Tammy disse...

Love your Yummy creation Marilia!! Gorgeous work girly!